Garo / AX Scans

Update: Scanned AX v104, memorial issue for Yoshihiro Tatsumi.

I have Garo 1992-06 partially scanned (special issue on Nekojiru), still need to scan the rest of that and upload it whenever. Already scanned Nekojiru’s section and uploaded it.

Yeah, I’m still scanning Garo. I’ll buy another issue or two when I have some extra money sitting around.

There are a few scripts sitting around that could use an editor.

If you’d like to help with a story or two, then please email me. Some chapters require minimal editing, but the lines may be faded, depending on the age of the issue. The JPG scans are around quality 4 (don’t remember), so I have the .tif files for anyone that wants them for editing.

You can preview the chapters here, whenever I get around to making posts. You can read TSOJ’s reviews for a few of the issues here.

Note that I’m skipping Kamui Den and Kitaro. Both either have readily available raws, scanlations, or volumes that can be scanned.

AX 2005-44
AX 2008-64
AX 2015-104 (Yoshihiro Tatsumi memorial issue)


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